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   "I truly believe in incorporating these three Ps of Jewel Kae Graphics

     into every client’s marketing plan, helping them become a success story
     of their own."

Jewel Kae Graphics is a small home-based business.  I launched this exciting endeavor in April 2008. Any given day you will find me at my desk, creative juices flowing, phone ringing, fingers flying over the keyboard of my Mac desktop, shoes laced and ready to go, to tackle whatever the day brings...

My story? I'm a  small town girl from Wisconsin.  I married my college sweetheart nearly 33 years ago. He became a Naval Aviator and, true to his promise, he has shown me the world! We have had 20 different addresses in the past 33 years. I'm thrilled to be in Washington State for the first time and very enthusiastic about living in the Columbia Gorge area!

Always interested in writing and other artistic expressions, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. My resume is eclectic and includes art director for a national SCUBA diving magazine, administrative assistant for a non-profit foundation, electronic court reporter, kindergarten special education teacher’s aide, membership and marketing coordinator for a Chamber of Commerce. I am now the owner of my own home-based graphics design and marketing company. I earned my Master of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Marketing and Management from SUNY Stony Brook in December  2012.

I believe volunteer experience is just as important as work experience. My list of volunteer “jobs” includes being actively involved in military spouses groups at nearly every duty station, being a Girl Scout Leader and involved in parent-teacher organizations, and being an steering committee member for several leadership workshops and organizations.

My most rewarding "jobs" have been being a mom to my two children - now independent young adults - and being a wife to my wonderful husband.  Being a military family has given us so many valuable life experiences and allowed us to travel the world.

That's my story - I'd love to hear yours! Nothing is more exciting and inspiring than to hear about entrepreneurs and small businesses that are striving to succeed. You can reach me by email at or by phone at (509) 310-3438.  I look forward to meeting you!

Warmest regards,

Julie Williamson
Owner, Jewel Kae Graphics



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